The Six Best New Songs You'll Hear All Week

New Music Friday featuring Biffy Clyro, Brutus, Volbeat and more

This week’s musical deli table is positively buckling with the freshest cuts. Grunge, metalcore, and synth-led falsetto pop? It’s all here, so grab a plate and pile it high. But leave room for dessert.

BIFFY CLYRO – Re-Arrange

We’re not going to lie – this new Biffy track takes a bit of getting used to, with its synth-based beats and Simon Neil’s quasi-falsetto. But give it a little while to sink in, and you’ll realise that this is Biffy doing what they do best – re-arranging who they are to defy expectations. A nod to grindcore is but an album away, surely.

BRUTUS – All Along

Look out, Phil Collins, Stefanie Mannaerts from Brutus is going to give you a run for your money in the singing drummer stakes. Just take one listen to this fierce and fiery new track from the Belgian band, which somehow manages to be brash and angry and beautifully melodic at the same time.

FANGCLUB – Dreamcatcher

Taken from their new EP, Coma Happy, this new song by grungy types Fangclub is a moody slice of down-tuned guitars that could be straight out of early ’90s Seattle. Dour, glum, brilliance from these Dublin-based throwbacks.


In stark contrast to the above, this new Bury Tomorrow video does exactly what you’d expect, which is deliver riffs of bone-pulverising proportion while the band perform in a rain-soaked treehouse. Only joking – they’re in a cemetery.

VOLBEAT – Seal The Deal (live)

If you’ve ever seen Volbeat in concert, you’ll know just how formidable their live show is. If you haven’t, take a gander at this video, which was recorded live in Holland. If it doesn’t make you want to go see them in real life, there’s something clearly wrong with you.

WARS – The Art Of Not Knowing

Rugby’s wars – they don’t like having a capital letter at the start of their name – live up to their name with their vicious, visceral track. Taken from their forthcoming debut album, it’s a powerful slab of hardcore full of rage.

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