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For Whom The Bell Tolls played on bells because obviously

Rob Scallon playing bells

It had to happen, didn’t it? One day. One day everything will exist on the internet, and today it’s finally time for someone to recreate Metallica’s For Whom The Bells Tolls using some jingling bells. That ‘someone’ is none other than YouTuber Rob Scallon, who you might know as the guy who played Rage Against The Machine on a shovel or the guy who played Slayer on a banjo. In a way, when you’ve already reimagined some of metal’s biggest songs as bluegrass or using garden instruments, tinkling around with some bells is the only logical step.

But these are just any bells, you’ve got bells of all shapes, sizes and colours, there’s a xylophone, a triangle, and even a cowbell (which it needs more of tbh).

This might sound childish and very un-metal, but it’s genuinely impressive. The opening stomp has never sounded so Christmassy.

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