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You can play Rage Against The Machine on a shovel

Following his successful shovel guitar transformation, YouTuber Rob Scallon has harnessed its true potential with Rage Against The Machine

You might remember Rob Scallon’s previous foray into shovel metal by jamming on his one-stringed digging machine, but now he’s taken it one step further by blasting out Rage Against The Machine’s legendary Killing In The Name on A SHOVEL!

Don’t sit there thinking it’s going to sound like the singular string flailings of a madman, Rob Scallon manages to pull off Tom Morello’s signature tune with relative ease. Of course, because we’re cynical about things like this, it’s hard to tell if Rob is doing all of the work, but if he’s able to kick out Rage using a shot glass as a slider then that rules.

And who doesn’t want to see a grown man trying to dig a hole with a guitar?