Earl Grey premiere stirring new single Snake Hips

press shot of earl grey

German post-hardcore five-piece Earl Grey are premiering their new track Snake Hips exclusively with TeamRock. The track, taken from their new EP The Times You Cross My Mind, blends heartfelt punk rock with loose, shimmering indie for a sound which, while taking its cues from the 90s, remains entirely their own. You can hear the track in full below.

We catch up with the band to hear more about new single Snake Hips, the upcoming EP, and what they have lined up for next.

What’s the story behind new song Snake Hips?

“Our guitarist Tristan lived in Australia for a year and went on several adventures with people he met there. This song is about them and tries to catch the vibe of those days.”

What sorts of themes do you cover on the new EP The Times You Cross My Mind?

“The themes on TTYCMM are all personal and aren’t a part of a concept or anything. Some are about love, some about being scared [of] what’s to come and also there’s some lines that deal with injustice within our shallow society.”

What drew you to these themes?

“Personal experiences. We always try to keep things real and I can promise you that this band will never make up some story or write a concept album on things that didn’t happen to us. We think that’s bullshit. Also it’s way easier to make something up.”

What’s your favourite story or anecdote from recording the EP?

“We had to change rooms during recording multiple times because of an interference while recording guitars. We managed to get rid of it somehow but it was a pain in the ass!”

What do you hope people take from the song Snake Hips, and your music in general?

“We hope people take anything they want to take from the song or our music in general. If you think that a certain line speaks to you or you can relate to it in a certain way – it’s meant to be just like that. Take whatever you want and most importantly whatever you need from our music!”

What’s the inspiration behind the name Earl Grey?

“We didn’t have a band name yet when we recorded our first EP and Pedro (our vocalist) was sipping incredible amounts of tea. He had a cold and this helped a lot. We thought Earl Grey would be a cool name and it stayed that way.”

What’s been your highlight of being in the band so far?

“Definitely seeing places you thought you’d never see. I remember walking around the Red Square in Moscow with my best friends after being on the road for two weeks. We’ve been so far from home and it felt like a gigantic holiday. I don’t think we would’ve been able to experience that without the band.”

What’s next for Earl Grey?

“We want to tour as much as possible. There’s so many places we want to play and as well so many places we want to play again. We made a lot of friends during our time in the band and it would be amazing to meet all of them again and make some new friendships. We definitely want to come back to the UK because it’s our favourite place and we’ve got lots of friends there. Also we’re writing a new album right now that we’re gonna record at the end of 2017.”

The Times You Cross My Mind EP will be released on 21st July via Midsummer Records

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