Download Festival 2017 Line-up: your reactions to the headliners

Download festival round-up
Someone had a lovely time at Download 2016 (Image credit: Ollie Millington\/Redferns)

As soon as Iron Maiden left the stage at this year’s Download Festival, the words on everyone’s lips were ‘I’m exhausted after having such a lovely time at Donington, the spiritual home of rock and metal’. But more often than not, attentions would turn to who would appear on next year’s bill.

Obviously, there’s been plenty of Download Festival 2017 rumours, but people need facts. Hard facts. Sure enough, the first Download Festival 2017 line-up announcement was made at 7pm yesterday, with System Of A Down, Biffy Clyro and Aerosmith confirmed as the headliners. Another 11 bands, including Rob Zombie, Prophets Of Rage, AFI, Slayer and Of Mice & Men were announced too.

Here’s how you reacted…

Some people reacted with glee to the annoucement. Some even used the word ‘sick’ to describe the bill. If you’re not down with yoof lexicon, they’re quite excited. Nothing to do with vomit.

One person even turned into a typing amphibian, such was their excitement.

Not everyone was punching the air like a Hollywood boxing character. Some people hurt their backs by shrugging violently upon learning the news.

Others, meanwhile, were not happy at the list of bands confirmed so far.

Biffy Clyro touring guitarist Mike Vennart seemed a little stunned by the news. He might even dig out his well-worn Monsters Of Rock 1988 t-shirt in celebration.

We think Craig is holding out for a while longer before making a decision.

Either the person below is a massive Aerosmith fan or they suffer from terrible nightmares.

Some people were expecting entirely different headline bands and even hinted at heartbreak.

Jess wasn’t sure how to react to the first wave of confirmed bands. In this instance, she did what anyone would do in those circumstances: attach a GIF of the curiously-named actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

Chris (below) has suggested that festival boss Andy Copping should read out angry tweets instead of having a headline act. There’s two reasons why that’s silly. Firstly, what would the light show look like? And secondly, we only have three days to work with.

We’re not sure if Rob Zombie is excited about leaving his sunny American home next summer.

Some metal purists seemed to be puzzled by the decision to name Scottish arena monsters Biffy Clyro as the Saturday headliners. It’s all good, as someone has the previous Sonisphere, Reading and Leeds headliners’ backs. Thanks ScalyTugBoat.

Meanwhile, this person just posted a gif of Justin Timberlake’s face. We can’t tell if Verna is nonplussed by the announcement or simply overwhelmed with the quality of the bill thus far. Let’s go for the latter.

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