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“We would have a long, LONG discussion if this had to be in order…” Crobot guitarist Chris Bishop says with relief, on hearing that we don’t need this list in order of merit. You see, if there’s one thing these Pennsylvanians like more than funky hard rock (and, let’s be frank, lots of marijuana) it’s sci-fi. Frontman Brandon Yeagley actually turned their wonderfully out-there and now out-of-press first album, Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer, into a comic. Accordingly, they know their robots. Plus ‘Crobot’ sounds a bit like robot. All of which made this little list seem like the best idea ever.

1. Bishop (Aliens, 1986)

Chris: I have to say Bishop from Alien, coz my name’s Bishop. He’s an android, I only saw the movie once – he doesn’t look like a robot, but he is a robot, which is pretty cool, and he’s responsible for maneuvering planets. We’re big Alien fans generally, it’s awesome.

2. R2 and C3PO (Star Wars)

Brandon Yeagley (vocals): I’ll lump these two together, ‘coz it’s two robots but they’re pretty much one robot. They’re always together. I’m a huge Star Wars fan, always have been, and they’re my favourite characters in the Stars Wars world, just coz they’re overlooked in a sense, but they’re the ones that are always in a hard situation but able to pull through for the team. R2 especially, he’s just badass.

3. The Fembots (Austin Powers)

Paul Figueroa (drums): The Fembots were pretty cool.

Jake Figueroa (bass): With the guns that came out of their ta-tas… Coz of course we did NOT see that coming…

4. Rosie (The Jetsons)

Jake: She was the maid in the Jetsons cartoon, the robot maid. She’s got some attitude man, she’s always honking around all pissy. I like that. The Jetsons is a really cheesy cartoon with a future city, but Rosie is an awesome maid robot. She pulls stuff out of her stomach and stuff… She’s cool.

5. Johnny 5 (Short Circuit)

Chris: It was in the 80s. It was very funny but also heart-wrenching at the end, it gets your feelings going for little Johnny 5.

Jake: But he comes back!

Chris: Does he come back?

Jake: Yeah they refurbish him and give him gold flaps an’ shit.

Chris: Ahh good. But yeah I remember watching that as a kid and thinking it was awesome.

6. Roy (Blade Runner)

Paul: The antagonist from Blade Runner, Roy. The replicants. It’s an awesome awesome movie. He’s got short blonde hair and he’s just generally super creepy.

Jake: So is he a droid or is he a robot?

Paul: He’s a robot, artificial intelligence gone awry for sure. You don’t wanna mess with Roy. He’s a bad guy.

Chris: I keep hearing that they’re gonna be making a new Blade Runner, is that true?

CR: It is, yes.


7. Marvin (Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy)

Brandon: I’m a big Douglas Adams fan so I have to go with the paranoid android, Marvin. I just love Douglas Adam’s voice, and the paranoid android provides nice comic relief in many situations. He’s like the Eeyore of Hitchhikers.

8. Crow-T Robot (Mystery Science Theatre 3000)

Jake: Brandon actually reminded me of this one before. He’s a crow-robot thing, I think his head is actually made out a child’s baseball mitt, but it’s a bunch of these little dudes and you just see their silhouettes against whatever movie is playing, and they just make jokes and rip off whatever’s going on… It’s pretty funny.

Brandon: He’s a big smart-ass.

Chris: And if anyone thinks that’s where we got our name from, it’s not.

9. Roomba (a hoover, widely available for purchase…)

Chris: I’m gonna go a little leftfield here and go with the little vacuum guy, ‘coz those things are great. They save you time and keep your house clean.

CR: Are you very house-proud then?

Chris: No I’m horribly messy, but I would love one! It’s good to know the technology’s out there.

10. The Terminator (Judgement Day… but basically all of them)

Jake: [Does spot-on Arnie voice] “The T-1000 is smarter and faster in every way, however…” [all laugh, various other impersonations ensue].

CR: Best Terminator film?

Chris: Oooh… Judgement Day!

Brandon: The T-1000 for sure

Jake: I just wanna know what track they use to make that metal clanging sound. I wanna know what that is. I wanna play that.

Chris: I think Trent Reznor plays that [Trent/Nine Inch Nails actually played the Terminator Salvation trailer song – Arnie Ed]. Black Hawk Down is the only movie we can watch on tour right now though, coz it’s stuck in the DVD player.

UK tour dates (with Airbourne)

Thursday 17th November -Portsmouth, Pyramids Centre
Friday 18th November - Norwich, UEA
Saturday 19th November - Nottingham, Rock City
Monday 21st November - Birmingham, O2 Institute
Tuesday 22nd November - Leeds, O2 Academy
Wednesday 23rd November Newcastle, O2 Academy
Thursday 24th November Glasgow, Barrowland
Friday 25th November – Brain Freeze Festival, Ebbw Vale

Saturday 26th November Manchester, Ritz (SOLD OUT)
Monday 28th November London, Electric Ballroom
Tuesday 29th November London, Electric Ballroom

Europe tour dates (with Volbeat and Airbourne)

26.10. N Oslo - Spektrum *SOLD OUT*
27.10. DK Copenhagen - Forum *SOLD OUT*
28.10. D Hamburg - Barclaycard-Arena *SOLD OUT*
29.10. D Berlin - Mercedes-Benz-Arena *SOLD OUT*
31.10. D Munich - Olympiahalle *SOLD OUT*
01.11. A Linz - Tipps Arena
02.11. A Vienna - Stadthalle
04.11. A Innsbruck - Olympiahalle
05.11. CH Geneva - Arena
07.11. D Stuttgart - Schleyerhalle *SOLD OUT*
08.11. CH Zurich - Hallenstadion
09.11. D Cologne - Lanxess Arena
10.11. D Frankfurt - Festhalle *SOLD OUT*
12.11. D Leipzig - Arena *SOLD OUT*
13.11. D Oberhausen - König Pilsener Arena *SOLD OUT*
14.11. B Brussels - Forest National
15.11. NL Amsterdam - Ziggo Dome

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