8 things we want from the new AC/DC album

A shot of AC/DC on stage
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Something is stirring in the world of AC/DC. An accidental leak of photos from what appeared to be a new video shoot melted the internet down last week. Now the rock’n’roll titans have posted a not-so-cryptic image of a neon light in the shape of their iconic lightning bolt logo on social media, suggesting the long-rumoured, highly secretive follow-up to 2014’s Rock Or Bust could be on its way.

Naturally, the band are keeping schtum, so we don’t know whether Brian Johnson is singing on it or not, whether it will include any riffs recorded by Malcolm Young before his death in 2018, or whether there is actually an album or if we're just being ridiculously optimistic. 

But that's not going to stop us speculating. So here are eight things we want from a new AC/DC album.

The dream team reunited

We're still not sure what happened a few years ago, but all of a sudden there was no Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd or Cliff Williams, leaving Angus Young all on his lonesome. If rumours are to be believed, all three are back in the fold. That means the return of the most under-rated rhythm section in rock, and that voice front and centre. Still, there’s going to be one gaping hole. Which brings us to…

A tribute to Malcolm Young

According to Twisted Sister frontman and unofficial AC/DC mouthpiece Dee Snider, the album will feature tracks recorded by Malcolm Young. What could be a more fitting tribute to the man who built AC/DC and owner of the steadiest right hand in history than an album packed full of riffs he wrote before dementia set in? We're getting shivers down our spine just thinking about it.

An Axl Rose cameo

Respect the Guns N’ Roses frontman. He didn’t just step up to the plate in AC/DC’s hour of need, he gave them a massive shot in the arm. The least they can do is give him a pat on the back by finding space for him on the new album. Just imagine a duet between him and Beano. We might possibly explode if that happens.



Ten songs maximum

It’s been scientifically proven – by actual scientists – that every truly brilliant AC/DC songs has 10 songs or less. Back In Black: 10. Powerage: 10. Highway To Hell: 10. The Razor’s Edge? 12. Rock Or Bust? 11. Ok, Fly On The Wall had 10 songs as well. But we're not wrong, and we will fight anybody who says we are.

At least five songs with the word ‘Rock’ in the title.

Rock Or Bust had four, which has got to be some sort of world record. Let's see them go one better this time. In fact, why not just have the word ‘Rock’ in the title of every song? As long as there are no more than 10 of them.

An iconic cover

Few bands can turn an album or single cover into a ridiculously brilliant stage prop quite like AC/DC. For Those About To Rock gave us the cannons. Stiff Upper Lip gave us a giant Angus statue. Ballbreaker, Rock’N’Roll Train and Whole Lotta Rosie gave us a wrecking ball, a 3D train and an enormous inflatable sex worker respectively. Come on lads, go to town this time around. A giant 18-wheeler truck! A working spaceship! A 300-foot Platypus! Rock’N’Roll Platypus. There you go. You can have that on us. Speaking of tours…

A farewell tour to end all farewell tours

AC/DC never really got a chance to say goodbye. This is a chance to rectify that. But for God's sake, please, no Malcolm Young hologram.

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