10 German bands you should be listening to right now, by Eskimo Callboy

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Eskimo Callboy are a band who, since their conception back in 2010, have spent a lot of time on the road. Spreading their infectious blend of electro-infused modern metalcore throughout the lands, they’ve worked up a healthy network – and in depth knowledge – of Germany’s best underground bands. So, we felt they were perfectly placed to present for us their list of the 10 German bands we should all be listening to right now.

Below, frontman Sushi compiles his top tips for essential German listening. Check out the video for Eskimo Callboy’s new single, VIP, at the bottom of the page.


“One of the best and hardest bands when it comes to hardcore music. They know how to drink and we love to share the stage with these guys a lot. Much love!”

To The Rats And Wolves

“Good friends of ours and rehearsal room neighbours. If you like our music you should definitely check them out!”


“We share many good festival memories with our friends in SDP. On stage and off stage they always know how to keep the party alive. If you’re into German rap/rock this is the must-see festival band.”


“This is one of the bands we grew up with and they were also a big influence when we took our first steps as musicians. We‘re still listening to the old stuff and they’re getting better with every record! We love you Caliban!”

Heaven Shall Burn

“Heaven Shall Burn is one of the biggest metal bands in our scene. Really nice guys, brutal heavy music and their live show is always as powerful as a thunderstorm.”


“We’ve been on tour with Callejon two or three times and it has always been a blast! Those guys know how to mix things up and there’s no other band that sounds like them. Awesome guys and awesome music!”


“Another really good German band with amazing stuff. Make sure you check out their latest release Devil May Care.”

Supernova Plasmajets

“Really crazy German hard rock band!”

Der Weg Einer Freiheit

“Finest German black metal.”

Any Given Day

“Homies from my hometown Gelsenkirchen. We’ve known each other since I was 15 years old and it always feels like home to be surrounded by those guys.”

Eskimo Callboy’s latest album The Scene is available now via Century Media. Check out the video for single VIP below:

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