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Uneven Structure: 8

Continental djentists get the urge to redo the math

Quite why French/Swedish djent outfit Uneven Structure decided to re-record their formidable debut EP is a mystery. Originally released in 2009, 8 was recorded with Daniel Ädel of Vildhjarta, adding harsh vocals to their backdrop of atmospheric grooves and angular riffs,

With Matthieu Romarin now on board and a full-length under their belt, they’re turning their sights to their first record before they hit us with LP number two. For whatever funds they’ve pumped into reworking 8, it all feels a bit pointless. Yes, Romarin does a good job of smoothing the vocals and adding some lush clean-sung bits to the mix, the production is slicker and some of the songtitles have changed, but otherwise this is the same EP with a new cover.

It’s still blinding, though, and if you like the engaging and intimidating stylistics of Meshuggah meets Heart Of A Coward, you’ll be all over this.