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THE ROLLING STONES From The Vault – Live In Leeds 1982

The Stones in the Park. Just not that one.

The 80s were not a golden period for the Stones – although perhaps it was the only decade to make Mick Jagger’s stage attire look faintly less ludicrous – and this performance from Roundhay Park doesn’t especially ignite.

With ‘Mick’ helpfully emblazoned across the back of his outsize jacket, the irrepressible frontman leads his cohorts through a two-hour set on the final gig of their Tattoo You tour.

The lumpen production offers little dynamic as it mechanically circles the band, Richards and Wood gamely smoking throughout, while Wyman perfects the art of looking spectacularly bored. There’s no denying the majesty of their finest tunes when they do come around, of course. Tumbling Dice retains all its ramshackle lustre, Miss You still sounds like their last truly great song and Jumpin’ Jack Flash proves exactly why they remain one of rock’n’roll’s most enduring creations.