The Last Ten Seconds Of Life: Soulless Hymns

US deathcore crew take their time to whip up a storm

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While there’s no doubt that there’s something hugely satisfying about a winding prog epic, some chin-stroking post-metal inventiveness or some fret-melting technical guitar work that’s filled with bonkers time signatures, sometimes there’s just nothing quite as good as an album filled with no-nonsense, lead-heavy brutality that makes you want to flip tables.

This new full-length from Pennsylvanian deathcore mob The Last Ten Seconds Of Life is such an album. Unlike the higher tempo hostility of their previous releases, though, Soulless Hymns finds the four-piece taking a noticeably more measured approach to their assault this time around.

All but dispensing with any prolonged flurries of high-speed attack, they’ve instead opted to deliver markedly more calculated hammer blows, with tracks such as North Of Corpus and Guillotine Queen slowly but surely pummelling their point home while still displaying plenty of pit-worrying catchiness. The clearer but no-less-aggressive vocals from the awesomely named Storm Strope, not to mention a fantastic production, only goes to ramp up the urge to smash everything in sight when you play this.

Via Density