Superdrama: The Promise

The adventurous Germans promise ‘universal creative streams’...

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Superdrama apparently have a mission to give shape to the ‘creative stream of the universe’ with their music. It’s an intrepid undertaking but also one that does somewhat reduce your expectations. Yet The Promise is far from the cosmic bollocks such a proclamation would indicate. Instead, this German band have produced an album that’s at times captivating, even if it ultimately falls short of true brilliance.

Musically, songs such as Chance Of A Lifetime and Turn The Stone are reminiscent of King Crimson or Twelfth Night, and although that naturally gives their creations a retrospective air, they’re performed so well that it makes such a criticism irrelevant.

The lyrics investigate a familiar theme of mortality without ever succumbing to clichés, and while they’re not as vague as some of Jon Anderson’s cosmic mutterings, to allow varied interpretations.

The vocals are occasionally overly dramatic and distracting, most notably on Turn The Stone where they veer towards Brian Blessed-style parody. However, that’s an easily rectifiable and minor flaw that, once removed, will solidify the band’s bright future.