Pänzer - Fatal Command album review

All-star metal crew pay homage to the masters

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Pänzer feature musicians with connections to Accept, Hammerfall and Destruction, but don’t be tempted to wield the term ‘supergroup’. The band sound so coherent on Fatal Command, their second album, that any thoughts of this being a vanity project should be dismissed immediately. Since their debut album, Send Them To Hell, in 2014, guitarist Pontus Norgren has replaced Herman Frank, and brings his Hammerfall-style skills to bear, making the attack even more dynamic. You can hear the interplay with Destruction frontman Schmier’s vocals and V.O. Pulver’s guitar at its best on the title track, We Can Not Be Silenced and Afflicted. That old-school affection shines, through, as Pänzer get to grips with their celebration of early Accept and 70s Judas Priest. The entire album rattles along with passion and pace, and the brooding Skullbreaker is a stormer. This is classic style metal from true devotees.