Over Your Threshold: Facticity

German tech-death mob get stranded on the middle path

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Over Your Threshold would probably brand themselves as progressive death metal. They’re proficient, tight and know their way around a fretboard.

They’re also a bit dull. They straddle the line between the fusion-based meandering of bands like Martyr and the more straightahead aggression of Behemoth. While the aforementioned two sit at opposite ends of the spectrum, Over Your Threshold occupy the lukewarm bit in the middle, going nowhere in particular.

They don’t offend, but they don’t exactly leave you in paroxysms of musical bliss either. There’s the odd moment on the album where you think they’ll explode into something more exciting, but thanks to a frustratingly flat production, more often than not they peter out completely, eliciting little more than a wistful sigh.

It’s not bad, and maybe those who have been waiting patiently for a new Necrophagist album for the best part of a decade will find solace in their noodles, but Over Your Threshold are already in danger of finding themselves over the hill.