Myrath - Legacy Album Review

Stellar symphonic prog metal from fast-rising Tunisians.

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For around two years, back in the early throes of their career, Myrath were a Symphony X covers band.

Not exactly your usual Oasis or AC/DC tribute act. But that influence still remains, with their heroes’ sound swamping into their own material. Myrath actually means ‘legacy’ in Arabic, and judging by the potency of the music on their fourth album, the Tunisian five-piece could well be set to leave a lasting imprint on the prog metal scene, and they borrow orchestral flourishes from Symphony X and the fist-clenching melodrama of Stratovarius.

Rousing opener Jasmin superbly sucks inspiration from the band’s homeland with some Arabian pizzazz, while chop-ridden The Needle has enough gung-ho chutzpah to satisfy fans of both of Protest The Hero and prolific film composer Hans Zimmer.

And if you like your choruses gargantuan and, well, pretty cheddary too, then you’re in luck: try Through Your Eyes for some chest-thumping jollies courtesy of singer Zaher Zorgatti. In an ironic twist, Myrath have been supporting Symphony X on tour this year. But – whisper it – Legacy might just be better than the former’s latest album, Underworld. The student is fast becoming the master.