I Am Noah – The Verdict album review

Ambitious metalcore crew I Am Noah fail to steal any thunder

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With a lavish production and a story told from the point of view of a perturbed Biblical character, this German metalcore quintet certainly have lofty ambitions for their debut.

Technically and sonically, The Verdict is an impressive statement with proficient drum work, scorching leads, a brutish vocal performance, lush, atmospheric synths and electronic jabs certainly getting things flowing in the cranium.

The Verdict starts off well with the angular uppercut of Defendant and simplistic call and response of Rise Of Mankind, but what it crucially lacks are any real focal points or hooks that would elevate I Am Noah to the same league as obvious bedfellows Heart Of A Coward or Architects. One Man Wolfpack and Hourglass deliver some valuable urgency to proceedings, while the title track and If Life Could Be The Answer’s controlled ambience frames the obvious passion the band are attempting to convey. Elsewhere, however, the same copybook riffs and tame breakdowns morph into each other with alarming regularity, making the album an indistinguishable, forgettable affair.