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Hammerfall: Gates Of Dalhalla

Let the hammer fall, and let the metal power up!

You can’t deny that Hammerfall are one of the pre-eminent power metal bands of the past 15 years. They’ve established an enviable reputation for fiery riffage and blazing anthems. But even by their own standards, this live release is something special.

Filmed and recorded at an open air amphitheatre in the Swedish village of Dalhalla, it sees the band ripping through a set of their finest songs, with everything coming into glorious focus. The music represents the best that the Swedes have to offer.

Yes, the setlist is obvious, but that’s the whole point: to showcase the tunes that have made the band’s name. From opener Patient Zero through Riders Of The Storm, Crimson Thunder and Blood Bound to the closing Threshold, The Dragon Lies Bleeding and Let The Hammer Fall, there’s no let-up in volume, pace and energy. This CD/DVD release is proof that this is one Hammer that will never fail to fall.