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Eoront - Another Realm album review

Atmospheric BM excursions from the Siberian wastes

Cover art for Eoront - Another Realm album

Eoront’s Siberian heritage is felt keenly throughout their second full-length. Vast landscapes are conjured by the atmospheric keyboards of opener The Rain and the expanses of Genesis filter through an assured and mature release. Touches of Drudkh are present, but Eoront are from similar pastures and their brand of black metal places melody at the forefront whilst never compromising on the harsher elements. The Glow is bathed in rich keyboards that serve to add to the more mystical aspects of the band, who use their music to talk of a different universe and the rituals and legends that belong there – think Alcest but less pretty. The symphonics of The Sea are gorgeous and frontman Foltath overlays all with a deep, echoing voice that feeds into the mysterious lands the band have created. Another Realm is a solid, engrossing black metal record that should push Eoront ever further. A majestic effort.