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Goth-punk scene leaders gather their host

It’s been an astonishing 12 months for Creeper, having transformed from underground favourites with a couple of shows under their belts to Roadrunner signees boasting tours with idols like Misfits, Funeral For A Friend and Gallows.

Many are already backing them for big things, and on the evidence of tonight – a release show for their excellent new EP,* The Callous Heart* – the hype is warranted. Opening with a scrappy and sweaty VCR that has a packed Old Blue Last belting along to every ‘WOAAAAAH’ going, what follows is an immaculate half-hour of goth-punk anthems that feels less like a release ‘do’ and more an affirmation of the togetherness and pure, unadulterated emotion that only our world can muster.

Will Gould sings his Callous Heart out

Will Gould sings his Callous Heart out (Image credit: Will Ireland)

We Had A Pact and the brilliant Lie Awake have people quite literally bouncing off the walls in glee, while an encore of Novena – if Creeper are indeed the new AFI, this is surely their God Called In Sick Today – has the place screaming and beaming so joyously that it’s a wonder the entire building doesn’t combust in a sea of split faces. In their short time together, Creeper haven’t just already amassed a formidable arsenal of great songs; they’ve created a small army – no, a *family *around them that could, and should, carry them onto greatness. Better bands have stalled before them, but hopefully, tonight is the start of something very special indeed.

Merlin Alderslade

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