Burning Saviours: Unholy Tales From The North

Witchcraft’s fiercest competitors strike back

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These Swedes released two fantastic retro albums in quick succession between 2005 and 2006, and were wrongheadedly dismissed by many as Witchcraft copycats despite the fact that these fellow Örebro residents were simply drinking from the same sources.

But then disaster struck with their original singer, Andrei Amartinesei leaving, only to be replaced by a pale reflection of a successor who clumsily dragged them into an ill-advised Jethro Tull-inspired direction that ruined all their past efforts.

However, after a brief split and some very necessary realignment, they are now back on the right path, reminding everybody why they picked up their name from an old Pentagram classic in the first place. Former guitarist and now vocalist Mikael Monks may not have the best range around and his voice does require some getting used to, but Unholy Tales From The North shows that Burning Saviours have rediscovered their mojo, with the right sound and right vibe for this type of vintage hard rock. The one song in Swedish, Ondskan, brings a more than welcome extra Scandinavian touch, too. Too bad that clocking at only 29 minutes, this feels a bit short.

Via Transubtans