Bowers & Wilkins PX headphones review

Our in-house experts give their verdict on the Bowers & Wilkins PX wireless headphones

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Bowers & Wilkins have spent the last 50 years making expensive hi-fi gear, with their speakers even used at Abbey Road, so plenty of high-end audio know-how has gone into making these PX headphones. But what do our experts at TechRadar and What Hi-Fi make of the Bowers & Wilkins PX wireless headphones?

TechRadar say...

TechRadar think these PX Wireless are a functionally perfect pair of headphones. "Their fit is comfortable," they say, "their noise-cancellation is great, and their impressive ability to automatically turn on and off as appropriate should mean that you're able to squeeze every drop out of their reasonable battery life."

They do point out that in an attempt to offer as much functionality as possible, they scrimp ever so slightly on the sound quality. "It's not that it's bad, but you can and should expect more from a premium-priced pair of headphones, even if they do come equipped with noise-cancellation. We now live in a world where a pair of headphones such as the AKG N60AC Wireless can come out at a mid-range price point while offering much the same functionality of the PX Wireless."

"So, ultimately," the team conclude, "the Bowers and Wilkins PX Wireless are a good pair of headphones, but they're asking price is just a little higher than you'd expect considering their sound quality."

What Hi-Fi say...

The team at What Hi-Fi were much more impressed than TechRadar when it came to these headphones. They called them a "fantastic package", saying they boast excellent sound quality, successful noise-cancelling and a smart design. "In a world dominated by Beats and EarPods, a pair of quality headphones like the PXs only serves to enhance B&W’s reputation," they say.

"Excellent wireless sound quality, impressive noise-cancelling and a rewarding user experience make the Bowers & Wilkins PX a fantastic audio package."