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Antropomorphia: Rites Ov Perversion

So many rites, so much glorious wrongness

Their second album since reforming in 2009 after a 10-year hiatus, Rites Ov Perversion finds Dutchmen Antropomorphia in ravenous form, improving on their ability to exhort a frantic bloodlust for old-school death metal.

Occult, sexualised violence is the order of the day, necromancy intoxicating the atmosphere of each successive cut of stripped-down, blackened death. Second track, Carved To Pieces, is representative of their knack for mid-paced grooves that, with a quick twist of the blade, gush gouts of speed. Never falling into the trap of sounding restrained by their influences, despite their clear betrothal to a musically bygone era, their enthusiasm keeps fresh the perversely simplistic pleasures of such ravishing rites as Nekrovaginal Secretions, a double-bass battery of grinding speed that’s so wrong it’s right. Rites Of Perversion’s no-frills approach conjures up memories of the time you lost your metal virginity. Tempted into pressing ‘Play’ by the album cover’s heady combination of necrosis, black magic and lust, this is the kind of thrillingly direct, headbang-inducing brutality that converts the curious into full-on metal lifers.

Via Metal Blade