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Änglagård: Prog på svenska: Live In Japan

Passionate, triumphant live masterclass from the symphonic Swedes.

Live appearances by these Swedish proggers are relatively rare, but Prog på Svenska, recorded at a Tokyo club back in 2013, documents Änglagård in top form.

It serves well both as an introduction to this largely instrumental band, and as a refresher for established fans. Combining rich woodwind with vintage organ, synth and Mellotron, their folk, jazz and classical influences are seldom far away (think Caravan meets The Enid at their least bombastic). Some of the guitar and bass contributions even evoke Steve Hackett and Chris Squire respectively in their 70s pomp. The new track Introvertus Fugu Pt.I kicks things off, before we’re treated to tracks from all three studio albums. However, this is no by rote regurgitation of old material. Interesting augmentations and tweaks are evident, making the album a highly worthwhile purchase for fans. Kung Bore from Hybris, for instance, is longer and more subtle here than its original incarnation. The playing is precise and passionate, with Anna Holmgren’s flute particularly noteworthy; she gives almost every track a delicious, haunting edge. Reflective, thoughtful, timeless music that rewards repeat plays.

Via Anglalard