6:33: Deadly Scenes

Gallic mischief makers blow raspberries onto shoulders of giants

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“For fans of Mike Patton, Mr Bungle and Devin Townsend” they say – which is true only if you’ve never really heard anything by any of them and you hate your own ears.

The Parisian circus metal troupe 6:33 certainly share several sonic similarities with the work of Messrs Patton and Townsend; the five-piece possess a penchant for the theatrical and the operatic, with vocalist Rorschach incessantly warbling away in a Patton-esque baritone throughout Deadly Scenes.

Except, that is, when he’s crooning maniacally in a manner that attempts to ape Patton’s Mondo Cane–era style but ultimately wouldn’t sound out of place on his ludicrous and unlistenable Adult Themes For Voice. Elsewhere, the pantomime pop metal excreted by the rest of the band is reminiscent of the more flamboyant works in Devin’s catalogue, but numbers like I’m A Nerd, whilst suitably saccharine and infectiously melodic, lack any semblance of the soulful undercurrents that make Townsend’s work so unique. More curiously still, 13-minute closer, Dead Scenes, seems to be an ill-judged and cautionary fable of underage groupie sex! WTF?!

Via Kaotoxin