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1000mods: Greek stoner kings go global on new album Youth Of Dissent

Greek stoner rockers 1000mods channel Soundgarden and Alice In Chains on new album Youth Of Dissent

(Image: © Ouga Booga And The Mighty Oog Records)

In their native Greece,  fuzz-driven desert/stoner rockers 1000mods are practically a household name – their video for 2011 single Vidage has racked up 9 million streams – but in 2020 they are putting their faith in flannel-clad introspection. Warped’s grinding riff recalls Nirvana’s Bleed, Less Is More has flavours of Alice In Chains, whereas Dear Herculin finds the sweet spot between psychedelic stoner and Soundgarden. Whether it’s because they have recorded in the studio that housed Pearl Jam’s Ten or because they’ve simply matured, Youth Of Descent not only has a grungier aesthetic but a more driven and cultivated sound. 1000mods might be well on their way to writing their own Ten.