Yungblud sung Break Stuff with Limp Bizkit at Rock Im Park and there are some interesting outfit choices going on

Limp Bizkit and Yungblud
(Image credit: Chiaki Nozu/WireImage, Gina Wetzler/Redferns)

Yesterday (June 4) Yungblud accompanied Limp Bizkit on stage during the band's set at Germany's Rock Im Park for a collab on their 1999 nu metal classic Break Stuff.

The crossover was an unlikely one to say the least, made all the stranger with the two musicians' strange wardrobe choices. As is common recently, Bizkit frontman Fred Durst was garbed in his 'Dad Vibes' ensemble of a blue jumpsuit and bright blonde wig. This time however, his giant locks were leaning closer to the permed, hair metal style.

His guest, Doncaster's Yungblud, AKA Dominic Harrison, was kitted out in what people more fashionable than us would label an 'e-boy- style - in other words, the kind of look that is defined by spending a lot of time on the internet, mixed with fragments of goth, K-pop and skater fashion.

While such peppy outfits aren't uncommon for Yungblud, seeing him perform arm in arm with Durst on one of the most fury-igniting songs in nu metal history, while donning a hat that makes him look as if he has pointy ears, makes for quite the unusual scene, and it's certainly entertaining to watch.

During the duet, the 25 year old musician can be heard letting out an explosively gritty scream, while calling on the audience to open up a mosh-pit.

As well as Yungblud and Limp Bizkit, a number of other huge rock acts performed at the Nuremberg festival, including the Foo Fighters, Bullet For My Valentine, Evanescence, Tenacious D and more.

Check out the collab below:

Later this summer, Limp Bizkit will perform at London’s Gunnersbury Park on August 13, with Pendulum, KennyHoopla, Joey Valence & Brae and Deijuvhs playing in support.

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