Yes trail Believe Again


Yes have launched a 90-second clip of Believe Again, the lead track from Heaven & Earth – their first album with Jon Davison.

It’s set for launch on July 21 in the UK, July 18 in Europe and July 22 in North America, and it’s available for pre-order now via Amazon and iTunes. All pre-orders come with an instant download of the full version of Believe Again.

The eight-track album – the band’s 21st studio outing – is described as a continuation of their classic prog sound, but also featuring a “timelessly fresh and innovative” edge.

Davison recently revealed recording work had been finished with just days to spare before they left for another tour, saying: “We were doubling up in the studio. Chris Squire and I were working on background vocals and Steve Howe was finishing guitars. Geoff Downes was in Wales, Alan White was in Seattle and they were both sending tracks.”

But he added that the band were left with more material than they needed, and some of it could appear in a future release.

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1.Believe Again

  1. The Game

  2. Step Beyond

  3. To Ascend

  4. In A World Of Our Own

  5. Light Of The Ages

  6. It Was All We Knew

  7. Subway Walls

Yes: Believe Again teaser