Willow jams out to Primus on guitar, gets seal of approval from Les Claypool

Willow Smith and Les Claypool
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Over the last couple of years, Willow has been distancing herself from her early popstar roots, as she transitions into a career in the rock world. 

In another sign of her love for rock and metal, following on from the success of her 2021 rock album Lately I Feel Everything, the popstar-turned-rocker has uploaded a short cover of a heavy band she admires; Primus.

"I FUCKING LOVE PRIMUS 😩😩😩😩😩😩🥲😩😩😩😩😩" she writes on her Instagram page. "If you haven’t listened to <Conspiranoid> … that’s a big issue".

The caption arrives alongside a video showing her jamming out on guitar to Primus' 2022 track Follow The Fool, lifted from the previously-mentioned Willow-endorsed album, Conspiranoid, released in April this year.

Following her upload, Willow received praise from the Primus frontman himself, Les Claypool, in the form of a comment underneath the clip, which reads, “Fine guitar pickin’ there young fiery lass".

Check out the video below:

Recently, Willow discussed her transition from a popstar to rock musician in an interview with the Observer, describing her move into move into heavier territories as "about stepping into places where marginalised communities haven’t been accepted and saying: I’m human, and I’m allowed here, too'.

“All of us should be allowed freedom to express ourselves in all kinds of different ways, and one of those ways is rock music,” she adds. “Music is not just music, it is also activism. Throughout history, music has driven some of the most intense shifts in humanity’s thought processes.”

Earlier this month, Willow dropped the beautifully reflective new track, curious/furious, taken from her new album <COPINGMECHANISM>, which is out today, September 23.

“Rock is coming back and it’s such a beautiful thing,” she says in a new interview with Kerrang! “and I want to be one of the people to be like, ‘Hey guys, not only pop-punk is a thing! There’s also classic rock, and then there’s psychedelic rock, and then there’s metal, and then there’s like this electronic metal that’s happening…’ I was listening to a lot of classic rock and metal while making this new album, and I feel like the harmonies that I’m doing on this album are very, very different to what I was doing before. It’s a little bit more operatic, I would say, and the hard parts go really hard!”

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