Who Is The Greatest Prog Band or Artist Of All Time?


The time has come, we have decided, to finally answer the question: who is the greatest prog band or artist of all time?

Should a classic band take the crown? Perhaps you’re partial to Pink Floyd, crazy about King Crimson, cuckoo about Camel? Or maybe it’s a solo artist that’s wowed you the most: perhaps Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush or Steven Wilson are more deserving? Speaking about Wilson, what about more modern prog – perhaps Opeth, Anathema or Mastodon top your list?

Now is the chance for Prog readers to have their say as we compile the ultimate list of the 100 Greatest Prog Bands and Artists of all time.

It’s easy to get involved. Just e-mail us your list of your top five favourite prog bands and/or artists of all time. Make sure you tell us why you’ve made each each choice – you never know, you might find yourself in print when we publish the results.

And simply e-mail your list to us here. We’ll be publishing the list in a future issue of Prog. Closing date for entries is Friday 3 July. We look forward to seeing all your choices.