Wes Borland: “The Limp Bizkit record isn’t going to get finished any time soon”

Limp Bizkit
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The world has been waiting almost 10 years for Limp Bizkit to release a new album - but guitarist Wes Borland says that fans shouldn’t hold their breath for it to appear any time soon.

Speaking on the Let There Be Talk podcast, Borland admitted that the follow up to 2011’s Gold Cobra, reportedly titled Stampede Of The Disco Elephants, is stuck in limbo, despite the band beginning work on it in 2018.

“There’s a record that has been in the works for a long time and not at a place where I don’t think it’s going to get finished anytime soon,” said Borland. “Maybe it will, but I’m not sure.

“It’s been a bunch of songs that have been floating around for four years now, and little by little, stuff gets added to it. But I think that we’re all into such different stuff that making a Limp Bizkit record is kind of difficult.”

“We don’t live in the same city anymore, so I’m not sure what’s going to be, or when it’s going to come out, or what’s going on with it. But it’s weird to be in a situation where nobody wants to hear new material anyway, they’re coming to the shows for nostalgia and want to hear the old songs.

“So what’s the carrot for us to write to a new record at this point – if we’re all interested in doing other music anyway…? If it happens, it will happen at some point.”

Borland also admitted in the same interview that he most of the money he’d made during Limp Bizkit’s early years in the financial crash that followed 9./11.

“9/11 happened and I lost well over a million dollars in the stock market. Just gone – poof! And what’s crazy is – I was just like, ‘Whatever.’ But I had nothing! That was all my money!

‘And I was like, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll make more money.’ And then I was like, ‘Actually, I don’t want to.’ And I quit.”

Borland released his latest solo album, The Astral Hand, in October 2020.

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