Weiland 911 call reveals bandmates’ anguish

Scott Weiland’s body was stiff with rigor mortis by the time his tour manager found him, an investigators’ report has revealed.

Bloomington Police have released details of the 911 call placed by roadie Aaron Mohler on December 3, after Weiland’s wife had called him to express concern at not having heard from her husband. He was declared dead at the scene.

Members of his band The Wildabouts told officers that the frontman had been drinking heavily and taking several types of drugs in the days leading up to his death.

The report says Mohley entered Weiland’s tour bus bedroom, and tried to shake him awake. When that failed he removed a pillow from under his head, then realised the singer wasn’t breathing. He called drummer Joey Castillo for help before calling for an ambulance.

Mohler said on the line: “I think he’s dead. He’s not moving. He’s stiff. He’s hard as a rock right now. There’s no breath, there’s no nothing.”

Band members reported that Weiland had been drinking large quantities of vodka and tequila, that he’d been taking cocaine during the previous week and he’d taken MDA in the last two or three days.

While the entire tour entourage were said to be “visibly upset,” the report says that bassist Tommy Black told police he “wasn’t surprised” that Weiland had died. He’s since denied the words were his, telling Alternative Nation: “Scott was my closest friend – I would never say something like that.”

Meanwhile, the mother of Weiland’s children has taken legal action to become the executor of his will.

Ex-wife Mary Forsberg issued an emotional statement soon after his death, saying he’d abandoned Noah, 15, and Lucy, 13, years previously, and warning that similar deaths would occur for as long as people “glamourised” the tragedies.

People reports that Forsberg filed papers on December 30, stating that the will had been written in 2007 while the couple were still together. He was married to third wife Jamie Wachtel at the time of his death.

Weiland vowed to ‘get it together’ says widow

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