Watch this metal musician savagely drum to the sound of a death-growling walrus

Metal drummer drums along to sound of walrus
(Image credit: @Daparadise)

What do the internet and the natural world have in common? The answer – they are both home to some of the world's most weird and wonderful creations. What do you get if you combine them both together? Pure and utter genius.

In a new TikTok video, courtesy of drummer Davis Paradis of metal band Dream Of Scipio, Paradis pairs his savage drumming skills with the sound of a death-growling walrus. And by death-growling, we actually mean guttural phlegm-soaked, apocalyptic howls that could easily be mistaken for the sound of a demon-sprawling hell pit. 

In all honestly, this walrus could teach a thing or two to many of the death growlers of today, as he's packing some seriously lethal pipes. Plus, top marks for originality – he even throws in some of his own vocal techniques which involve whistling and making some sort of gargling sound via his mouth. 

Enough about our blubbery friend though, Paradis' drumming also deserves a round of applause. Packing in some fierce blast beats and super tight rhythms, Paradis' playing – accompanied with the absurdity of the yowling marine mammal – is what makes this video so brilliant, and of course, so effortlessly funny.

So watch it below, folks, you know you want to.


@professional.biolojist this walrus has some crazy metal vocal techniques #metaldrummer #walrus

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