Watch this fan breath actual fire in the middle of a mosh pit at Pantera's Knotfest show in Chile

Pantera fan breathing fire in mosh pit
(Image credit: Revolver Instagram)

We all know how mosh pits can be: sweaty, full of flying fists and pretty damn hot. Probably the last thing any crowd needs, then, is extra heat, which is exactly what happened on December 11 during Pantera's show in Knotfest, Chile, when one fan in the audience decided to show off their fire-breathing skills.

During the reunited band's performance, as the pit opened up into a large circle, the daredevil shot out a cloud of fire from his mouth numerous times in the centre, as other punters frolicked around him before engaging in a full-on mosh. 

Things certainly got heated, but nonetheless, it looked pretty badass. We're also wondering what the security thought about the stunt, as we imagine protecting audiences from metal-loving firebreathers isn't something that was covered in their training.

The moment can be watched below in an Instagram post, showing the dragon-like fan emitting clouds of red flame as Pantera play This Love.

Pantera's performance served as one of their newest reunion sets, although bassist Rex Brown was not in attendance due to contracting Covid-19. In fact, the musician will have to miss the remainder of the band's South American tour due to his illness.

Speaking via Pantera's official social media channels, Brown declared: "I caught a very mild strain of Covid, but because of our own protocols, I simply do not wanna risk getting my brothers or the crew sick! I'm feeling better & am on my way to a speedy recovery. Merry Fckn Christmas & see you all next year!"

Following two remaining shows in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on December 15 and December 18 (the latter is another Knotfest show), Pantera will set off on their world tour in Europe at the end of May, before heading to the US in August.

Liz Scarlett

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