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Watch the freaky videos for two new solo tracks from Slipknot’s Clown

(Image credit: M. Shawn Crahan)

As work continues in Los Angeles on the new Slipknot album, which founding member Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan has already described as “God music” and, furthermore, “a cobra in a basket”, the band’s founding father has sneaked out two solo songs.

Truthfully, the word ‘songs’ here is doing some heavy lifting as there’s little likelihood of seeing a stadium full of ‘maggots’ belting out either Live Your Life  or Brainwash Love - Death Inside in perfect harmony any time soon. But fans of Crahan’s more left-field, experimental art will find much here to dissect and debate.

Slipknot are ”hoping to be done by the end of July” on their new album, the follow- up to We Are Not Your Kind.

“I believe that this album is… It’s God music, man,” Clown recently told 93X DJ Pablo. “It’s the centre of the beast for me. This is a whole other element.”

Vocalist Corey Taylor, meanwhile, has said the new album is “pretty rad” adding, “I can’t wait for people to hear it.”