Watch Lars Ulrich’s sons rock a Californian bar at their first gig as Taipei Houston

Lars’ Kidzzzzz
(Image credit: Aleyna Dogan / Taipei Houston Instagram)

Taipei Houston, the two piece ‘power duo’ featuring Lars Ulrich’s sons Myles and Layne, played their debut gig last week, and have now shared clips of their performance on Instagram.

The duo, 20-year-old Layne on vocals/bass and 23-year-old Myles on drums, supported Earth’s Dylan Carlson at his September 9 headline show at Alex’s Bar in Anaheim, California, showcasing a stripped-down garage-rock sound in a similar sonic ballpark to early White Stripes, Death From Above 1979 and Royal Blood. 

The pair’s step mom, Lars Ulrich’s wife Jessica Miller, was among those cheering on the boys’ performance, later writing, “Long Beach was on fire” in their Instagram comments section.

On the same Instagram page, the Ulrich boys posted a photo of a recording studio ‘Work Reel’ master tape, suggesting that it may not be too long before the world hears the first batch of Taipei Houston material.

The band have also flagged up a second show: they will play The Mint in Los Angeles on September 15, with admission set at $8.

Lars Ulrich spoke of his pride in his sons during an April interview with Rolling Stone.

“When I was their age, my [music] tastes were literally just half an inch wide,” Ulrich says. “When I was 19, it was New Wave of British Heavy Metal. That was it. But between the two of them, it covers so much ground. Both of them are huge Radiohead fans; they listen to a lot of Arctic Monkeys, they definitely listen to a lot of more like noise rock, White Stripes and Jack White, and a lot of punkier stuff.

Asked if Myles, who attended Berklee School Of Music, and Layne, who’s in college in New York, are Metallica fans, Ulrich admitted, “I don’t know if ‘fans’ is the first word I’d use.”

“But I think they respect it,” he added. “They’re appreciative.”