Watch a nude, blood-soaked Mimi Barks' raise hell in a pit full of goats in her devilish video for new single Abyss

Mimi Barks ABYSS video
(Image credit: Mimi Barks)

Mimi Barks has shared the wicked new video for ABYSS, a track lifted from her forthcoming mixtape DEADGIRL, which is set to arrive on December 16 via Silent Cult.

Shot by UUHITFIELD and edited by Max Mason, the new visual captures the nu gen star writhing in the nude and smothered in blood while surrounded by goats. Devilish and totally badass, if there's one video to inspire the second wave of Satanic Panic, it's probably this.

Barks claims that the video has been banned on YouTube, although, at the time of writing, it's still available on the site.

Sharing the video, she writes: "My new music video ABYSS is banned on YouTube but my Patreon members can see it exclusively on Patreon. Join me, support me, fight censorship & sensitivity, protect the goats".

And underneath the video itself, a disclaimer reads: "no animals were harmed during the making of these visuals".

Of the upcoming mixtape, the vocalist says: "From hatred for myself and the world, narcissistic and delusional aloofness and chaos in my brain, to self-growth through spirituality. From self-hailing to self-healing; this is the final dance for letting go of the past.

“It’s the rebirth of a broken child, a DEADGIRL. Now reborn as a leader, as her own god; indestructible and inviolable.

“This is revenge.”

Speaking to Metal Hammer earlier this year on the growing nu-gen movement and why it's proving to be so successful, she said:  “This genre is obscene, ruthless and there are no boundaries in lyrical or visual output anymore.

"You can self-publish and don’t need to please a third party such as a label, publisher or record store to sell your music.” 

Watch the video for ABYSS below:

Deadgirl tracklist:

1. Deadgirl
2. Ashes
3. Saw
4. Undead It X Envious
5. Rad
6. Nihil
7. 10.Steps.back
8. Suicide
9. Abyss

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