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Voivod detail Post Society EP

Voivod will unveil their EP Post Society on February 26 while they write songs for their upcoming full-length.

The record contains five studio tracks, including a Hawkwind cover and two previously unreleased tracks from their vinyl split with labelmates At The Gates and Napalm Death.

Drummer Michel Langevin says: “In between tours, we are steadily finding our way through recording the next album at RadicArt studio.

“Many riffs were composed on the bus, but until the North American tour with Vektor in 2016, we will spend most of wintertime in Montreal writing another batch of material. Meanwhile, we hope you will enjoy this EP of good old thrash-prog-punk-metal or whatever people want to call Voivod nowadays.”

Vocalist Denis ‘Snake’ Belanger has said the upcoming record will be slightly different from 2013’s Target Earth.

He adds: “Voivod has always been doing different things each time. But it has its own signature with the new bass player, Rocky. He brought new elements to it, I think. It’s different than Target Earth, but it’s still Voivod.”

Voivod embark on a US tour in February with Vektor and Eight Bells.

Voivod Post Society EP tracklist

  1. Post Society
  2. Forever Mountain
  3. Fall
  4. We Are Connected
  5. Silver Machine

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