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Vans Warped Tour gatecrash Westboro protests

Bands gatecrash the protests

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church staged a protest against the Vans Warped Tour in Kansas recently - prompting some of the bands taking part to gatecrash their rally.

The church is notorious for its hate speech and used the tour to have their say. But the artists were prepared for them and decided to upstage the church activists.

Some of the bands involved were Creeper, Stick To Your Guns and I Prevail and they sported Black Craft Cult shirts which read “Fuck The Westboro Baptist Church.” Watch a short video of the incident below.

Photographer Bryce Hall posted a series of images on Instagram, saying: “This morning our community took a stand – a stand against people discriminating against other human beings. We all belong here. We all matter. Stand against hate.”

The Westboro Baptist Church later shared the video on Twitter and said: “So that was fun, Vans Warped Tour! Glad to see all your faces! Nothing like first-hand preaching, right?”

In 2015, Foo Fighters drove a truck by the church’s protest outside their show in Kansas City, playing Rick Astley track Never Gonna Give You Up and waving banners reading “Keep It Clean” – a reference to the last time the Foos responded to a Westboro hate campaign.

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Grohl scores! it's Foos 2, Westboro 0