Grohl scores! it's Foos 2, Westboro 0


Dave Grohl has taken another swipe at the notorious Westboro Baptist Church – by ‘rickrolling’ one of their protests from the back of a truck.

The religious group, infamous for picketing the funerals of dead soldiers and displaying offensive slogans such as ‘God hates fags,’ turned up at the venue of a Foo Fighters gig in Kansas City on Friday.

But their protest was overshadowed when Grohl and the band drove by on the back of a pick-up truck, blaring Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up and holding up banners of their own. Ghrol’s posters read ‘Keep it clean’ and ‘You got Rickroll’d again.’

The Foos previously came up against the church in Kansas in 2011, when they set up a stage outside the venue and performed a song called Keep It Clean, which references same-sex relationships.

Grohl last week revealed he suffers from social anxiety and that he is nervous about the band’s appearance at September’s Emmys, where their TV series Sonic Highways is up for four awards.