Roth bursts nose on TV stage


Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth had to perform a US TV gig with a sticking plaster on his nose on Monday – after smashing his face with his mic.

The band had just begun their appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, marking the release of their Tokyo Dome Live In Concert album, when Roth’s stand-spinning trick went wrong.

The show had to be stopped while he received medical attention, but the group were soon back in action to deliver an eight-song set, which was broadcast over two nights on the ABC network.

Tokyo Dome Live In Concert is Van Halen’s first-ever live album with Roth. The 25-track title, recorded in 2013, is said to have been released with no vocal retouching.

Guitarist Eddie Van Halen recently revealed he’d like to make a follow-up to 2012 studio record A Different Kind Of Truthbut that he wasn’t certain it would happen.

The band launch a US tour on July 5.