Roth's voice kept real on Van Halen live album

Van Halen’s first live album with David Lee Roth will be released without any retouching on the vocal tracks, says a fan site.

Tokyo Dome Live In Concert will be launched on March 31 alongside remastered editions of the band’s self-titled debut and sixth title 1984, with four more remasters to follow.

Trusted source Van Halen News Desk reports: “This is a very authentic live recording. Every bit of the concert is in here, including Dave speaking Japanese to the crowds, full guitar and drum solos, etc.

“Note there are absolutely no touchups on the lead vocals, unlike most live albums. They considered using different songs from different shows, but thought it would be better to simply release one stellar performance. They want this one to be authentic.”

VHND adds that Roth chose the cover art to continue the band’s travelling theme, and because he likes art deco period work.


  1. Unchained

  2. Runnin’ With The Devil

  3. She’s The Woman

  4. I’m The One

  5. Tattoo

  6. Everybody Wants Some!!

  7. Somebody Get Me A Doctor

  8. China Town

  9. Hear About It Later

  10. (Oh) Pretty Woman

  11. Me & You (Drum Solo)

  12. You Really Got Me

  13. Dance The Night Away

  14. I’ll Wait

  15. Cradle Will Rock

  16. Hot For Teacher

  17. Women In Love

  18. Romeo Delight

  19. Mean Street

  20. Beautiful Girls

  21. Ice Cream Man

  22. Panama

  23. Eruption (Guitar Solo)

  24. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love

  25. Jump

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