TV doc stops Megadeth offshoot show


The supergroup made up of former members of Megadeth were denied the chance to perform live on radio by TV personality Dr Phil.

Nick Menza, Chris Poland and James LoMenzo’s as-yet-unnamed band were due to perform on the Inside Metal show this week. But Phil McGraw was filming his Dr Phil show in the studio next door and put a stop to the live set.

Menza says: “To everybody that called or tuned in to the Inside Metal show on Tuesday, I’d like to apologise for the unfortunate circumstances that foiled our plans to perform the live jam session we promised. You could thank Dr Phil, yeah Dr Phil, that guy who has that TV show where he invites guests to confront their problems – yawn.

“Apparently Dr Phil was filming in the studio next to us. The Dr Phil producer, crew and Mr Phil got wind we were setting up to jam and asked if we not perform.”

The scheduled interview with the band did go ahead. Asked if they had come up with a name for the group, the band joked they were called Not Quite Yet.

They also discussed their jazz backgrounds, their time in Megadeth and the anniversary of the death of Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell.

Drummer Menza repeated his earlier comment that he would be open to replacing Shawn Drover in Megadeth after Drover walked away last month.

LoMenzo and Menza recorded a version of Metallica’s Creeping Death in August.