Tusmorke stream new single Kunstig uintelligens

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Norwegian prog-folkies Tusmorke have streamed their brand new single Kunstig uintelligens, which translates as 'artificial unintelligence', which you can listen to below.

Kunstig uintelligens is taken from the band's upcoming new prog-for-kids album, Intetnett, which will be released through Karisma Records on October 7.

"Are we happier now that we create avatars to simulate perfect lives and share doctored images of fake non-events online in order for these signs to be consumed by another simulacrum out there in the cold, vast cyberspace?," the band ask. "Of course we are! What's not to like and share?"

Intetnett, which follows on from 2017's Byrdra, another concept album for kids, tells the story of a self-aware computer that possesses schoolchildren’s minds and leads to the world slipping into a totalitarian nightmare. Two teachers and a band of rebel pupils join forces with the Mesopotamian gods to rid the world of the AI curse!

Intetnett was written for, and first performed at, the Aktivitetsskolen Nordstrand,  the album is actually comprised of  two original musicals - Intetnett and Når Enden er Golem and will possibly be the band's final children's release.

The album was recorded  at Det Ytre Rommet, Holy Space! and the Nordstrand Skole by a lineup that includes Benediktator (bass, vocals, guitars, synths, percussion, whistling), Krizla (flute, vocals, piano, synths, percussion) and HlewagastiR (drums).

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(Image credit: Karisma Records)
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