Tracks Of The Week: 21/8/14 - 28/9/14


It's been a week of exciting new things to say the least – teasers from AC/DC, leaks from Machine Head and someone finally cleaned the office toilet. Anyway, here's what's been tickling our earbuds this week...

Job For A Cowboy – Sun Of Nihility

Dom Lawson: “Maturing like a fine wine, Job For A Cowboy are about to release their finest album yet and this is a tantalising preview. Intelligent and subtly subversive brutality from a perennially underrated band.”

At The Gates – At War With Reality

Merlin Alderslade: “This could have gone so terribly pear-shaped – but they pulled it off. A fine welcome back for one of metal’s most vital bands.”

Panopticon – Where Mountains Pierce the Sky

Amit Sharma: “In a world that thrives on perfection, there’s a certain charm to the slightly out of tune guitars that introduce this 12-minute odyssey through warm bluegrass to more frostbitten climes.”

Machine Head – Now We Die

Lewis Somerscales: “A stunning return to form! All of the riffs, all of the heavy breakdowns… and dual guitar work that’ll blow minds. Probably.”

Wiley – On A Level

Sam Bailey: “I’m not even going to even lie, this is all i’ve listened to this week.”

La Dispute – Stay Happy There

Luke Morton: “Somehow managed to miss this album when it came out earlier this year and fuck me it’s good. Seriously powerful post-hardcore in the vein of early At The Drive-In.”