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Toyah dons Catwoman outfit and brandishes whip on Rock You Like A Hurricane

Robert Fripp, Toyah and Sidney Jake
(Image credit: Toyah Willcox)

Back on February 22, Toyah and Robert Fripp delighted the nation with a wind-assisted cover of Alice Copper's classic Poison. Being the great chroniclers of rock'n'roll truth that we are, we reported this event in all its salacious detail, and ended by suggesting a song the impish duo should cover: Scorpions' Rock You Like A Hurricane.

Well guess what? They've only gone and done it, a mere 92 days later!

You can already picture the scene. It's another Sunday in the Fripp-Willcox kitchen. Mystery guitarist Sidney Jake has once again popped by for lunch. King Crimson leader Fripp is wearing some kind of fearsome warpaint. Toyah has procured a Catwoman costume from the local supplier of such items. And there's a poster of the wall that reads, "Fripp's ma bitch."

So far, so perverse. The performance then proceeds to ramp the unreality up a notch or two, with Toyah cracking a whip (she's clearly done this before) and upending a bowl of confetti.

It all ends in a flurry of noise, before Willcox tenderly cradles Fripp's head in her hands and proclaims, "You are my bitch!" Which may or may not provide an unexpected insight into the inner workings of the couple's relationship. Who knows? They do have a dungeon, remember

Can we have another request, please? We're thinking that Ozzy Osbourne's Bark At The Moon might provide both a challenge for the guitarists and an opportunity for Toyah to don another costume. Thank you.  

Fraser Lewry

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