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Todd Rundgren teams up with Weezer's Rivers Cuomo for new single Down With The Ship

Todd Rundgren
(Image credit: Todd Rundgren)

Todd Rundgren has streamed his brand new single Down With The Ship, a collaboration with Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo. You can listen to the song in full below.

The single is the second instalment from Rundgren’s forthcoming album Space Force, which is being released to digital platforms as individual singles, each with its own unique artwork, every three or four weeks, with the entire album coming in early 2021.

In contrast to its futuristic title, Rundgren returns to the days of yesteryear, when artists would release several singles first before releasing an “album,” or collection of singles. Last month, Rundgren released Espoinage, a collaboration with Iraqi/Canadian hip-hop artist Narcy.

Rundgren and Cuomo share writing duties as well as trading vocal roles on the Down With The Ship, which draws inspiration from reggae and African rhythms, not unlike Rundgren’s evergreen 1983 hit Bang The Drum All Day

Lyrically, however, the song cuts with a much sharper edge, as Rundgren puts it, "It’s just a little parable about what happens when you align yourself with a treacherous leader."