Tim Morse to release new compilation The Archaeology Project

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(Image credit: Tim Morse)

Tim Morse’s The Archaeology Project is out on September 30 via Bandcamp and digital streaming services. The 14-track collection sees the keyboard player, who’s no relation to Neal Morse, gathering songs recorded between 2005 and 2020.

Says Morse, “It was fun revisiting these songs and choosing what I consider to be the best examples of my songwriting to feature on this collection. I’ve remastered the older songs with Craig Long and I have to say the music has never sounded better. I was so pleased with the work that I ended up remastering more music than could fit on one CD and so I’m offering five extra songs as a download for no additional charge.

“There is also a new solo guitar instrumental, a remix/new vocal for the Mangoes song 200 Yards and my cover version of the classic Pink Floyd song Dogs on The Archaeology Project. I especially like the imagery that Jay Leek came up with for the project – it has a nice Hipgnosis feel to it.”

Among the bonus downloads is the first demo he did with Mark Dean, which was an early version of Present Moment. He reveals, “The Guitar Etude 1 that opens the album includes a bit of a melody that I wrote in my first song. I was never really happy with my vocals on the original version of 200 Yards and so it was nice to redo the vocal and remix the song.

“The cover version of Dogs is something I’ve wanted to do for years. I’ve always loved that song and it was a fantastic experience to put my stamp on it with a fantastic group of musicians: Bret Bingham, Andrew Glasmacher, Charley Langer and Hope Rogers.” 

Tim Morse began his instrument instruction at a young age and started composing immediately upon picking up the guitar. He later moved onto the piano and studied as a music composition major, writing extended pieces such as a string quartet and two piano sonatas. During this time Morse performed with various rock and fusion bands and played on many recording sessions. His first album of original music was entitled Transformation and was released in 2005. Around 2012, he also became a member of the Jerry Jennings band and formed The Mangoes with Bret Bingham.

Tim Morse anthology artwork

(Image credit: Tim Morse)