This teenager aggressively scatting to Korn's Twist at his school's karaoke will make your Friday

Korn kid
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The glorified days of nu metal ruling the airwaves might be behind us (well, not quite), but it's effect still reign surpreme on the fans keeping its baggy-panted flame alive.

Chris from North-eastern State University in Olkahoma is one of nu metal's many modern champions, who recently even went as far as to demonstrate his fandom at his own school's karaoke event.

Schools do karaoke now? Well, apparently so. But that's not why we're here. In a TikTok video that's now gone viral, Chris, known on the platform as @the_funky_monkey_, can be heard scatting along to Korn's 1996 song Twist. And, as any real Korn fan knows, scatting with the same ferocity as Jonathan Davis is no easy task - but Chris here gives it his best shot, and smashes it. 

Plus, to the surprise of many of the commenters on the video, he even taps his foot along to make sure he can keep his performance in time. That's dedication right there, folks.

Before Chris can fully get into the cover though, his principle stops him to tell him off for being too loud, and to warn him to stand further away from the microphone. Being the good student that he clearly is, Chris listens, steps away, but actually shouts even louder to compensate. The cheeky scamp.

So far, the video has amassed over 1.5M likes and 5.5M views. Which, for something connected to a nu metal song released over 25 years ago, is pretty amazing.

Check it out the amazing moment below.


♬ Twist - Korn
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