The New Empire release tribute to former Yes guitarist Peter Banks

The New Empire
(Image credit: The New Empire)

Prolific guitarist Fernando Perdomo has hooked up with vocalist Marisol Koss and drummer Mark Murdoch as The New Empire to pay tribute to former Yes guitarist Peter Banks with a new song Faraway Friend. You can watch the video for the song in full below.

The New Empire is a modern continuation of Banks' own Empire, the band he formed in 1973 with wife Sidney Foxx following the demise of Flash. The band recorded three albums in the 70s, featuring contributions from Phil Collins, Brand X's John Giblin and Kate Bush drummer Preston Hayman. The albums eventually saw the light of day in the 90s.

"The New Empire is Mark Murdock (who drummed for Empire Mark 3), Fernando Perdomo and Marisol Koss," the band announce. "Fernando and Marisol were in Dreaming In Stereo. "Faraway Friend is on the forthcoming album Second Lifetime by The New Empire. The album will be a tribute to Peter Banks and include brand new songs as well as songs by Empire, Flash, and Yes. Sidonie Jordan, Dennis Atlas, Preston Murdock, Kame Akiyawa, Rikko Shonin, Julianne Spencer, and Dave Kerzner will guest on the album."

Order Faraway Friend.

Jerry Ewing

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