The Mendenhall Experiment release debut EP

The Mendenhall Experiment
The Mendenhall Experiment

Up-and-coming rockers The Mendenhall Experiment have released their self-titled debut EP.

It’s out today (May 19) and sees Korn’s James ‘Munky’ Shaffer and former Nine Inch Nails and A Perfect Circle guitarist Danny Lohner guest on the six-track recording.

The band were formed in 2008 by guitarist Brandon Mendenhall who was born with cerebral palsy – a neurological condition that affects movement, coordination and balance.

Mendenhall’s left hand was completely paralysed but through rehabilitation he taught himself to play guitar. Bassist Nathan Stockton also overcame a battle with childhood deafness and vision impairment through music.

Mendenhall says: “If you asked me why I want to be a rock star – it’s not about the fame or money. I have a unique opportunity to inspire people and kids with disabilities with my playing, my music and my story. I truly believe that’s what I was put on this earth to do.”

Lohner adds: “Brandon and I had been friends for quite a while before I knew he was in a band. When he finally shared his music with me, I was blown away and honoured to do the intro/outro to the album.”

And Munky reports: “This is a big inspiration, not only for myself but it should be for lots of people that not only want to get into music but that want to follow their dreams in anything.”

The band’s lineup is completed by vocalist Mario Valadez and brothers Bruce Lira on drums and Mike Lira on lead guitar.

Check out their video for Seize The Day below.

The EP is now available to purchase through Amazon UK and Amazon US and via iTunes.

The Mendenhall Experiment EP tracklist

  1. Seize The Day
  2. The Answer
  3. Nothing Good Came Easy
  4. Prosthetic (ft James ‘Munky’ Shaffer)
  5. Fully Loaded
  6. Find A Way Out (ft Danny Lohner)

The Mendenhall Experiment 2017 tour dates

May 24: Dallas The Door Club, TX
May 25: Oklahoma City Thunder Alley, OK
May 27: Pryor Rocklahoma Music Festival, OK
May 30: Bradley The Looney Bin, IL

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